The Move Pen

This was my very first Kickstarter project and my second product on the market. The whole process of making this little pen into reality has taught me quite a bit. I did everything from conceptual design, engineering, graphic and packaging design to video editing and sales. 

This project has been a very rewarding journey so far and even more so when I hear that people love the pen.

The move is the world's most compact and lightweight bolt-action pen. Stylish, durable and built to be carried with you everyday. It is available in Polished Titanium, Hard Anodized Dark Charcoal Grey and Hard Anodized Metallic Silver.

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The Move Pen Kickstarter Project

Penaddict "The Move, designed by Oliver Sha succeeds where others have tried and come up ... short."

PenPaperInkLetter "in the top two or three of all the ballpoint options that I have tried."

Ed Jelley "The Move is a great little pen, and always having one on me (via keychain) is quite convenient. The pen is designed well, built well, and does the job it was designed to do perfectly."

mypenneedsink "A great pocket pen that hits all the right notes for my use. Easy retention, fast deployment and the maker’s choice of refill just works."

GearHungry "Amongst the smallest and lightest pocketable writing tools we’ve come across."

CoolMaterial "The Move takes some of our favorite aspects of all the other pens... and combines them into a 3.3″ long package that weighs 0.36 ounces."

ToolsAndToys "I’m one of those people who always finds a way to lose pens, no matter what I do. The Move Pen is a Kickstarter project that might help me out."

Everyday Arsenal "I'm pretty impressed with this pen. It does well what it was intended to do. It's light-weight, durable, and has a rock-solid mechanism."

The Move Pen
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The world's most compact and lightweight metal bolt-action pen. Stylish, durable and built to be carried with you everyday.

Includes a LAMY M22 refill cartridge. Ready to use on arrival.

Free Shipping within USA! International Shipping is $10.

Available in the following material and finishing:

  • Titanium - Polished 
  • Aluminum - Metallic Silver Hard-Anodized 
  • Aluminum - Dark Charcoal Grey Hard-Anodized 
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